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DURATION:  2 days (8.00 am to 5.00pm)

PRE REQUISITES: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Scaffolders

ATTENDEES: This evaluation is designed for participants that currently hold a high risk license for SB, SI or SA.

OBJECTIVES: To provide training for essential scaffolding skills and knowledge not currently covered in enough detail by the existing High Risk Licence training scheme (SB, SI or SA).

ASSESSMENTS: Participants will be evaluated by way of a theory and practical test. Training and assessments can be carried out at HiSkill’s training center or onsite.

CERTIFICATION: Successful delegates will receive a HiSkill certificate of completion.




• Understanding Hazards and Energies
This module takes participants through the theory of Energies and how they create hazards and interact in everyday Scaffolding tasks. The theory session is then followed up with a practical exercise in the field.

Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) are constant across major operations. This module explains the concept behind SIMOPS and how scaffolding interacts with other disciplines. Participants will gain an understanding on how their actions impact the end user.

• Manual Handling
Manual handling injuries are a major area of concern within the scaffold industry and account for the majority of workers compensation claims. This module takes participants through the theory of best practice manual handling in the scaffold environment

• Storage, Stacking and Handling @ Height and DROPS
Participants will be given an appreciation on the correct stacking, storage and handling of equipment at height. This will include an understanding of approximate weights for bundled materials and how this interacts with the safe working load

• Basic 3D drafting, Interpreting Drawings & Precise Quantifying
Participants will receive instruction on how to produce 3D drawings, how to interpret the drawings and quantify the necessary materials to ensure an efficient scaffold erection.