Duration:  2 Days per part

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DURATION: 2 days per part 1, 2 & 3 (8.00 am to 4.30 pm)

PRE REQUISITES: All Students must hold a minimum of an Intermediate Scaffolding High Risk Work Licence.

ATTENDEES: This course is designed for participants that currently hold a high risk license for Intermediate or Advanced Scaffolding and want to expand their knowledge of the Layher system.

PARTICIPANTS: Minimum 6 students – maximum 8 students

OBJECTIVES: To provide comprehensive education and knowledge of the Layher system.

ASSESSMENT: Students will be evaluated by way of a Practical and Theory test that is aligned with the knowledge level and material delivered in this course.

CERTIFICATION: Successful delegates will receive a HiSkill Certificate of Completion.


INTRODUCTION TO LAYHER AND THE ALL ROUND SYSTEM: This section of the course will walk Students through the nine (9) core Layher components and use of the system, highlighting key differences between Layher and standards modular systems.

COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION AND INSPECTION: Students will be provided with comprehensive knowledge of the many Layher components, how they are utilised in the system and how to inspect each component for any defects or safety issues. This will ensure that the Students are capable of safety and correctly selecting and inspection all equipment required.

HEIGHT SAFETY: Students will have the importance of working safely at heights reiterated to them, running through the correct selection, inspection and use of fall arrest systems and how they are to be attached using the Layher system.

ASSEMBLY AND USE: Students will be taught the correct connection techniques and are provided Instructions for Assembly and Use. Specific plans are initially demonstrated for Tower Scaffolding, Birdcage Scaffolding, Support Scaffolding, Circular Scaffolding, Suspended Scaffolding, Anchoring and Brackets and Cantilevers.

PRACTICAL BUILDING EXERCISES: Over the 10 days Students will undergo Practical Layher System Education which includes building 11 diverse practical activities. After completion of these activities, all Students will undergo a final assessment to corroborate the skills and knowledge they have gained over the course.



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