Scaffold Appreciation & Awareness 2016-12-05T07:15:30+00:00

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DURATION:  2 days (8.00 am to 5.00 pm)

PRE REQUISITES:  No prior scaffolding experience is needed, however, a basic understanding of literacy and numeracy is required

ATTENDEES:  Scaffold awareness courses is designed for non-scaffolders that are accountable for scaffold work in their area of responsibility.

OBJECTIVES:  To give the attendees an understanding of scaffolding equipment and practices, this enables them to conduct basic fault finding and risk analysis in the field.

ASSESSMENTS:  Each individual will be assessed on their practical performance during the scaffold awareness courses and will be required to complete a short theory evaluation.

CERTIFICATION:  Successful delegates will receive a HiSkill certificate of completion




• Statutory Requirements & Codes of Practice Guidelines

• Types of Scaffolding

• Components

• Material Defects

• Access and Egress

• Ground Conditions

• Tying of Scaffolding

• Handrails and Edge Protection

• Scaff Tag Systems

• Inspection Report