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DURATION: 10 days (8.00 am to 5.00 pm)

PRE REQUISITES: Participants must have an existing High Risk Work Licence for the Scaffolding level they are training to, at a minimum.

ATTENDEES: This course is designed for participants that currently hold a high risk license for Scaffolding but do not possess the practical skills to perform Scaffolding work at the desired level.

OBJECTIVES:  To give the attendees such knowledge and skills that they are capable of inspecting, erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding structures in line with their licenced Scaffolding level.

This course is offered in Basic, Intermediate and Avdanced.

ASSESSMENTS: Each individual will be required to complete an internal practical assessment at the end of their training in order to verify competency.

A Student cannot be deemed competent unless they are able to demonstrate competency in all assessment areas.

CERTIFICATION: Successful delegates will receive a Certificate of Participation, issued within 14 days.


  • Australian Statutory Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • AS NZ 1576 & 4576 Guidelines
  • Safe Handling and Inspection of Materials ( Manual Handling )
  • Preventing Falls in Scaffolding
  • Safe Use and Inspection of Safety Harnesses
  • Ropes, Knots & Hitches
  • Types and Uses of Tube, Fittings and Boards
  • Assessing Material Requirements for Basic Scaffolds
  • Safe Access, dismantling and storage Methods
  • Interpretation of Simple Drawings
  • Erect & Dismantle Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Scaffolds
  • Alterations to Scaffolds
  • Skills Test ( Practical )