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Administration of Fees and Charges HS-FIN-ST-001-AUS 

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HiSkill Pty Ltd (HiSkill) has established this standard to support the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (RTO). This policy has been developed and implemented by HiSkill’s quality assurance to support and provide clear instruction and guidance to students, clients and HiSkill personnel in relation to the fees and charges for products and services offered by HiSkill, and the procedure to be followed in regard to these fees and charges.

Review and Maintenance 

Maintenance and review of the HiSkill Fees, Charges and Cancellations Standard is the responsibility of HiSkill Management. HiSkill Quality Assurance will maintain ongoing records of the elements and application of this policy.

Fees and Charges 

HiSkill charges fees for participation in training and assessments for Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and non AQF qualifications. All fees and charges are published in relevant marketing materials. Administration fees are detailed in this policy and address the circumstances under which the charges may be applied.

Terms and Conditions of Payment 

1. Acceptable payment methods when purchasing a module or training course are via Credit Card, EFT, Purchaser Order or a cheque made payable to: HiSkill Pty Ltd;

2. Private Courses scheduled for programs offered by HiSkill must be accompanied by a minimum payment, regardless of number of participants;

3. A tax invoice for public courses will be generated from the Student Enrolment HS-HR-F-001-AUS. The Student is responsible for ensuring that the details provided on the Student Enrolment form are accurate;

4. HiSkill will supply any appropriate pre-course training materials (such a course manuals) to Students within 15 working days from receipt of payment. Refunds for cancellation of enrolment will only be granted under exceptional circumstances (please refer to the section Cancellations and Refunds Policy. Application to cancel enrolment from a course must be submitted to the HiSkill Managing Director in writing, using the Application to Defer or Cancel, detailing the reason for cancellation;

5. Please contact HiSkill Administration on 08 9277 5500 or for assistance with enrolment;

6. HiSkill reserves the right to alter any program offered by HiSkill without notice; however the program/s are intended to be provided as advertised;

7. The information expressed in any program offered by HiSkill represents the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of HiSkill or its members. The content of these programs is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice.

Fees Paid in Advance 

For any training courses over $1000, HiSkill will not collect the full fees in advance. The Student will be required to place a $800 deposit at the time of booking, with the remainder of the course fees being payable on the day of commencement. HiSkill has an established Deed of Indemnity and has the financial resources available to meet obligations to Candidates in the unlikely event of a default by the HiSkill. Where pre-course materials are necessary, training materials will be sent to Candidates within 15 working days of the date of purchase of a module or course. Administration of Fees and Charges HS-FIN-ST-001-AUS 

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Summary of Fees and Charges 

Our current fees and charges are available via our website and additional marketing materials.

HiSkill’s Cancellations and Refund Policy is designed to safeguard the fees of all students. All publicly run courses must be paid in full on the day of booking (courses under $1000) or the account settled on the day of course commencement (courses over $1000).

Additional Services Fees 

Where additional services are required by the Candidate the following fee structure will apply;

Credit Transfer Application Fee 


Recognition of Prior Learning Application Fee 


Certificate Replacement (includes replacement of certificates, log books and HiSkill cards) 


Refund Processing Fee 


Charging of GST 

GST is not applied to programs offered by HiSkill (see ATO ruling GSTR 2001/1 Goods and services tax: supplies that are GST-free for tertiary education courses available on the ATO website).

Refunds and Cancellations 


Once a Student has commenced a module or course, no refund is available if the Student elects not to complete the course or module and/ or submit an assessment for marking. A refund will only be applied if a Candidate is able to provide evidence of “exceptional circumstance” in which they would be unable to complete a course of study.

Candidates wishing to cancel from a module/ course must submit an Application to Defer or Cancel Form to the HiSkill Director for consideration. The Application to Defer or Cancel Form is available from HiSkill Administration on request.

Grounds for Refunds (Exceptional Circumstances) 

Candidates who cancel from a module/ course will only be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances:

 HiSkill withdraws the module/ course; or

 Terminal illness (or injury) to the Student, which makes it impossible for the Student to complete the program. Such applications must be supported by appropriate medical documentation.

Administration of Fees and Charges HS-FIN-ST-001-AUS 

Rev. 1: 25/02/2015 Uncontrolled Once Printed Page 4 

Examples of circumstances in which a refund will not be granted for cancellation from a module/program:

 Change of mind;

 Change of employment or working hours; or

 Domestic relocation

 Financial hardship; or

 Retrenchment (a deferral may be granted).

Any other reason a Candidate submits as grounds for cancellation will be assessed by the HiSkill Directors on a case by case basis.


If a Student experiences exceptional circumstances but does not wish to cancel from a module or course, they may apply to defer their studies to a later date. The standard deferral period is a maximum of six (6) months from the original start date. Students are entitled to a maximum of one deferral per course. Any extensions to the standard deferral period will be assessed by the HiSkill Directors on a case by case basis. Candidates who receive a deferral for a module or course but then fail to attend on the revised due date will be charged the full course fee.

Payment of Refunds 

Candidates who have been granted a refund due to exceptional circumstances will receive the full purchase amount, less a $100 administration processing fee per module or course enrolled (unless otherwise advised explicitly by HiSkill), within 15 working days from approval of their refund. Refunds will not be paid until any and all training materials has been returned back to HiSkill via certified mail.

Refunds agreed by HiSkill will only be paid to the person or body (on behalf of the Student) from who the original payment was received. Where payment was made by credit card, refunds can only be made back to the credit card used in the original transaction.

Complaints and Appeals 

Should a Candidate wish to appeal a decision, they may do so by completing a Complaints and Appeals Form, available on request from HiSkill Administration and submitting their appeal to HiSkill by following the procedure set out in the Complaints and Appeals procedure which is available from HiSkill Administration on request.

Review of Fees 

An annual review of fees will be undertaken by the HiSkill Directors based on business needs and expectation, legislative and regulatory changes, independent market forces, administrative costs involved in program delivery and ongoing management of the program.

Any changes to the advertised amounts will be communicated externally via changes to the Candidate Handbook, Request for Training form and marketing collateral. Changes will be communicated internally to HiSkill Staff via an operational briefing (face-to-face and/ or electronic updates, email, etc.).

Fees charged for products and services will not differ from the amount advertised in program specific documentation available for download from the HiSkill website.

Credit Transfer 

All Students and prospective Students will be made aware of their right to apply for a Credit Transfer through the Candidate Handbook, available through consultation with HiSkill Staff. Administration of Fees and Charges HS-FIN-ST-001-AUS 

Rev. 1: 25/02/2015 Uncontrolled Once Printed Page 5 

Candidates wishing to apply for a transfer of credit should follow the procedures outlined in the Credit Transfer standard, available on request. On completion and submission of the required forms and documentation, the application form will be forwarded to the HiSkill Administrator team for process of payment.

HiSkill’s Student Enrolment form includes a section requesting information from prospective Students on academic history.

Recognition of Prior Learning Fee 

Students wishing to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) should follow the procedure outlined in the Recognition of Prior Learning standard, available on request. On completion and submission of the required forms and documentation, the application form will be forwarded to HiSkill Administration for process of payment. This fee is applied per unit of competency for which recognition is being sought.

Certificate Reprint Fee 

An administrative fee of $75 is charged to Students who require a reprint of their original certificate of participation/ statement of attainment, a replacement log book or a replacement HiSkill card. This fee is only applicable to requests for replacement documents. There is no charge associated with the initial issuing of each certificate/ statement, log book or card.

Candidates who require this service should complete a Certificate Reprint Request form, available on request from HiSkill Administration and send it to or by post to;

Attn: Administration

C/O – HiSkill

PO Box 291

Belmont, WA 6984


The request for reprinted materials will be processed by a HiSkill Staff Member and the request form processed for payment.